Can car repair workshops stay open?

Yes, for now you can have your car repaired because transportation is considered essential, but this could change if restrictions tighten. Be sure to register through a COVID application so that contact tracers can find you in the event of an outbreak there. In New South Wales, repairers must be licensed and employ certified dealers to perform any repair affecting the safety or performance of a vehicle. Companies that install or replace accessories that don't affect the safety or performance of a vehicle no longer need to have a license to do that work.

All companies have obligations to consumers under the Australian Consumer Act. Currently, companies that provide repair and mechanical services (including roadside assistance) are listed as essential services. Storing a car properly, for example, can make the difference between easily restarting it when you have to drive it again or having to make costly repairs. If a repairman takes the time to provide a detailed diagnosis, but you choose not to perform the repair, the technician is entitled to charge a fee for the diagnosis.

To keep your motor vehicle in the best condition and avoid the possibility of breakdowns or costly repairs in the future, you must follow the maintenance program. At the time of writing this article, under current social distancing regulations in Australia, motor mechanics are considered essential workers, as are car dealers. We are passionate about eliminating the stress, hassle and ambiguity of booking car services and repairs for both the mechanic and the driver. If you don't have a logbook or manual and you're not sure what your vehicle needs, ask the repairman to explain what each type of service entails, when they are required and what the cost of each service is.

For the most up-to-date stay-at-home order information, visit the New South Wales Government website. Autoco is home to a variety of auto repair shops that aim to ensure that you feel prepared to understand your vehicle. If you need to store your car outside or under an open garage, consider covering it with a good quality car cover made of natural, breathable materials and check it from time to time to make sure it hasn't torn. Keeping up to date with service is especially important for those who have new cars that still have a manufacturer's warranty.

But if you're still the owner of the car, there's always a chance that someone will steal it or damage it, so it's best to stay with it and reduce your premium. We have received numerous inquiries from members affected by the New South Wales lockdown on the rules governing service and repairs in workshops. Driving or moving the car from time to time also benefits the tires, since it prevents flat areas from remaining parked in the same place for an extended period of time. If you are unable to drive the car outdoors, be sure to open the garage door and windows, as exhaust gases can be deadly in a tight space.

A repairman in one area, where operating costs are low, may charge less than another when costs are high and there is a shortage of qualified personnel.

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