Car in maintenance tips?

Check the shock absorbers, springs and struts (suspension system). The hot air inside the car has the potential to dry out and damage the car's interior if it can't get out. There's nothing worse than having a good car, opening the door and finding broken leather seats. You'll also need to check the correct viscosity grade for your car and the environment in which it normally operates.

Maintaining your car not only ensures that it lasts longer and that each component works as it should, but it also protects its resale value. Nowadays, most cars have coolant tanks that are somewhat translucent and have the appropriate level marks on the panel. As you may have noticed in previous car maintenance tips, when friction occurs, the various components of the car wear out. Waxing your vehicle every six months after washing it will not only keep it shiny, but it will also help reduce the chance of rust and keep the paint in good condition.

Whether you've just bought a car or you've been driving it for a long time, following certain car maintenance tips can help keep your car at its best. The good news is that you don't have to be a car enthusiast or have a marginal mechanical inclination to keep your car in top condition. Drive belts transfer power from the accumulator or crankshaft to the alternator, air conditioner compressor, power steering pump, air pump, water pump, and any other device that depends on mechanical power. Using the right kind of supplies and detail tools for your car makes it look like you just left the showroom.

Although there are some things you can fix in your car yourself, there are times when the condition of the car requires professional experience. Newer cars have a tire pressure warning light to let you know that they are low on air, but older cars don't. You can take a look at your car's manual to find out if you need to wash your radiator once a year or every two years. When a car is under warranty, inspecting the brake pads is usually part of routine scheduled maintenance.

Maintaining your car throughout its lifespan is the best way to preserve its reliability, resale value and appearance.

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