What cars require a lot of maintenance?

Brands with the lowest maintenance costs in 10 years · 1.BMW offers a wide variety of vehicles ranging from luxury crossovers to sports cars. The price of replacing essential car components and the complexity of performing maintenance can make owning this luxury car expensive for anyone. As with BMW, replacing the essential components of a Mercedes-Benz can require thousands of out-of-pocket costs for those without warranty protection. All vehicles have been manufactured by the best engineers from around the world, making repairs more complex to complete.

Cadillac is a well-known car manufacturer that many buyers turn to for high-quality and comfortable vehicles. However, one thing that hasn't changed is the price of spare parts and repair times. Cadillac's overhead costs come from a good combination of retail and maintenance costs. Although they have developed more economical vehicles, they are still a little more difficult to work on them than on others, increasing maintenance costs.

Audi has impressive technology built into its vehicles, which is also why it costs so much to maintain. They will also have higher replacement parts than usual, increasing the total cost of maintenance. Moving on to the first domestic vehicle on our list, Saturn is a brand you wouldn't believe would have a high cost of maintenance. Since Saturn vehicles are quite cheap and are a domestic car manufacturer, many expect maintenance costs to be affordable.

While this is true for most Saturns, the main cost comes from the frequency of having to repair and maintain used cars. Saturns are known to have constant problems, so you can assume that you'll spend time and money fixing your Saturn frequently. The Mercury, owned by Ford, is another domestic vehicle that falls into the same category as Saturn vehicles because they have to be repaired frequently. The total parts and labor costs of Mercury vehicles are quite affordable; what it will cost you is the number of times your vehicle will be at the repair shop.

Since Mercury vehicles are no longer produced, the cost of repair parts will only increase over time. Since Pontiac no longer exists, OEM replacement parts are sure to rise in price as demand begins to increase. While finding a Pontiac may be cheap these days, it's important to consider how much you can afford over an extended period of time. Factors such as how you maintain a car, how often you drive, where you drive and how you drive affect maintenance costs.

Car maintenance may not be the most exciting part of owning a car, but it's one of the most important things to consider before buying a new car. Drivers keep their cars longer than ever, and the average age of vehicles on the road is almost 12 years old today. European luxury cars tend to cost the most if they are kept in good condition, so even a low-priced used model could be expensive in the long run. Luxury car brands tend to require more global sums of money for maintenance due to the way they are built.

This is likely because people disown their cars if maintenance costs are higher than the value of their cars. When buying a car or truck, the seller doesn't want to talk about what it will cost to maintain and repair that vehicle throughout its lifespan. Although Dodge has a good number of high-end sports cars, such as the Demon or the Hellcat, the higher maintenance cost of these vehicles comes from the frequency with which they have to be repaired. Any car owner knows that the price you pay at the dealership isn't the last money you'll spend on your vehicle.


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