What is the cheapest car make to maintain?

As the last Honda on the list, we can't emphasize more how reliable these cars can be. Models prior to the 2003 model year were manufactured with a timing belt. Starting with the 2003 models, the timing belt has been eliminated. Or talk to an agent now at (85) 372-0071.However, VSC offers repair coverage for your vehicle after the manufacturer's car warranty expires.

When buying a car or truck, the seller doesn't want to talk about what it will cost to maintain and repair that vehicle throughout its lifespan. The website found that compact or subcompact cars that come from Asian car manufacturers are generally the least expensive to maintain and repair in 10 years. Perhaps not surprisingly, expensive luxury cars and finely engineered sports cars tend to be among the most expensive trips to maintain and repair in the long term. If you're looking for other ways to add value to your car and protect your profits, the right car insurance coverage can go a long way.

Spare parts aren't hard to come by, parts are available when you need them, and the car's design makes most repairs easy to perform. Smart car buyers know that getting a good deal on a car, truck or sport utility vehicle involves much more than simply negotiating a lower transaction price. As one of the most reliable cars you can buy, the Corolla's popularity and wide availability of parts make it another car to consider when you're looking for affordable maintenance. After all, the money to cover the expenses of the espresso bar in a customer's waiting room and for new, free borrowed cars has to come from somewhere.

While projected resale values, car insurance costs, and fuel economy ratings can be easily researched online, the cost of maintaining a given vehicle according to the automaker's recommendations and keeping up with repairs once the warranty has expired can be a big question. It should come as no surprise that Mitsubishi is ranked first on the list of the cheapest cars to maintain. While newer models aren't as spacious close to the engine as older models, it's still a cheap car to maintain. A Vehicle Service Contract (VSC) is often referred to as a “car warranty” or “extended car warranty”, but it's not a warranty.

This is the perfect storm for a low-maintenance car, and it's true for both the V6 and V8 models of this particular car.

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