Who service car ac near me?

Rating 4, 7 (3, 42) AutoGuru's car air conditioning specialists can repair your air conditioner, whether it's a quick repair or a complex heater box repair. You should repair air conditioning systems regularly to reduce component wear and avoid potential high repair costs. Run it for a while in each of its operating modes and check that the air flow comes from all the appropriate ventilation holes. When you first get into a very hot car, open the windows, make sure that the vents are at face level and that the system is configured to do the same, without pointing at your feet.

We all have so many other responsibilities that an air conditioning service may not seem like a top priority. Regular maintenance of the air conditioning system ensures that the system is full of coolant, that there are now leaks, that the pressure is correct, and that the hoses, seals and pipes are working properly. The manufacturer of your car, when repairing it, only tests if the air conditioner works, not so that all components work properly and in fully functioning conditions. Your air conditioning system can lose up to 15% of its coolant each year, so a 3-year-old car may have lost nearly half of its coolant, seriously affecting system performance and damaging the components involved.

That's why running an air conditioner without any type of coolant is like running your car's engine without oil. The origin of the odor is caused by fungi, bacteria and other microbes that grow inside the evaporator core. Air conditioning lines condense cold air (it works like a radiator), act as a filter, pump liquid gas through the system, create a cold air intake through ventilation grilles, and transport gas to each system. The knowledgeable staff at Ace Auto Electrical can quickly determine the cause of the air conditioner malfunction.

As car manufacturers made the evaporator smaller, they added more fins and put them together to increase the efficiency of the evaporator. They will remove broken components for repair or replacement after removing and storing the cooling gas from the system.

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