Why service car?

Regular maintenance maximizes engine performance and efficiency, saving you money on fuel. Fair Trading is responsible for licensing motor vehicle repair companies and for certifying dealers who work in repair companies. Keeping up to date with car maintenance is a crucial element in ensuring that your vehicle enjoys peak performance for years. Unfortunately, many of us neglect car maintenance and its importance.

As our lifestyles become increasingly hectic, car maintenance by a trusted auto repair shop is on our list of priorities. Our passivity with car maintenance stops when parts start to break down, leaving our vehicles unusable. Therefore, it is essential to take a proactive attitude with regard to car maintenance if you want to optimize the usefulness of your car for many years to come. Check your car at the specified time or kilometer interval, whichever comes first.

Forgetting to repair your car can be a costly mistake. A well-maintained car is more affordable to drive, and regular maintenance can also save you money in the long run, as it could prevent more extensive repairs. It also helps maintain the resale value of your car. And of course, it ensures that your car is safe for you and your loved ones.

If the vehicle is still under warranty and you don't repair it according to the manufacturer's maintenance program, you can void the warranty. However, think about the large sums of money you can save by simply giving your car much needed maintenance. While some can serve for decades, only a few makes and models of cars can achieve their respective life expectancy. Maintaining your car will extend engine life, reduce fuel consumption, increase vehicle safety, prevent wear and tear on moving parts, maintain roadworthiness, and improve resale value.

My family and I have used HP Automotive for years and have always been satisfied with the service provided. If you don't have a logbook or manual and you're not sure what your vehicle needs, ask the repairman to explain what each type of service entails, when they are required and what the cost of each service is. A responsible car owner understands that regular car maintenance is a smart and sensible decision that brings a number of benefits. Your logbook will describe the car manufacturer's recommendations for your service program, including how often you should go to car service, what maintenance you can perform yourself, and when you should replace parts.

Not taking the car to a service can have costly consequences in the future, when something goes wrong. The inspection of newer vehicles will vary depending on the logbook, so familiarize yourself with the manufacturer's recommendations and ask the service center or mechanic to clearly indicate what they are going to do and why at the next service. Booking the service in advance guarantees that your car will be checked on the scheduled day. When you reserve a vehicle for a service, clearly explain to your repairman the type of service you need.

Whether new or second-hand, your car or motorcycle should have included a logbook or owner's manual stating when the vehicle should be repaired and what maintenance should be performed.

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